Puka anklet ~ anni lu x terry

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Puka Shell Discs Anklet with Sunflower & Lavender glass beads, featuring 18K Gold Plated Adjustable clasp. 


Welcome to the Isle of Anni Lu x Terry. Sharing a love for sorbet pastels, ocean pearls, and collecting washed up shells on the sand. Inspired by traditional Huichol art and faded photographs reminiscent of Summer days past, this collaboration has been designed with fun under the sun in mind. Anklets, chokers, bracelets and necklaces see cultured freshwater rice pearls and Puka Shells. Wear each unique piece alone against your Terry set, or stack in two, three, or more for ultimate summer feels

SIZE: Adjustable Length: 22 - 26 cm

METAL: Brass With 18K Gold Plating.

MATERIALS: Glass Beads, Puka Shell Discs. 

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